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One Platform That Does It All. Automates Lending. Optimizes Risk Management. Improves Efficiency.

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    Customer Relationships

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    Credit Decisions

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    Deal Closings

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Biz2X is the technology that has helped Biz2Credit become the premier alternative lender for small businesses. Now you can leverage that expertise and experience to automate your small business lending. Give your clients a fully omnichannel experience with data and workflows that adapt seamlessly to your Core Banking systems.

  • Intelligent, Dynamic Application

    Intelligent, Dynamic Application

  • Works on Any Device

    Works on Any Device

  • Intelligent, Dynamic Application

    Proprietary Credit Analytics

  • Responsive to Regulatory Demands

    Responsive to Regulatory Demands

  • Configured to Your Credit Policy

    Configured to Your Credit Policy

  • White Label with Your Brand

    White Label with Your Brand

Cloud lending. Built for every bank.

One Global Platform to Handle Every Digital Lending Need

  • Intelligent, Dynamic Application

    Global Brands with Multiple Regions

  • Works on Any Device

    Hundreds of Thousands of Customers

  • Intelligent, Dynamic Application

    Thousands of Sales Associates

  • Responsive to Regulatory Demands

    Target Loan Size Over $100,000

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The Same Powerful Platform, Ready for Everybody

  • Intelligent, Dynamic Application

    Regional Banks & Credit Unions

  • Works on Any Device

    Deep Local Customer Relationships

  • Intelligent, Dynamic Application

    Small Underwriting & Sales Teams

  • Responsive to Regulatory Demands

    Target Loan Size under $100,000

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Biz2 Benefits

Turn Capex into Opex

Make ROI a reality for your lending business. Dial in the right investment level with ease and get back 2X more than you expect.

Rapid Time to Market

Get launched in no time. Enterprise implementations that won't slow down your timelines. Lending expertise that can't be beat.

Scalability for Cost Control

Fine tune your lending operations to exactly what your brand needs. Cloud-based lending that can grow and shrink to fit your business.

Access to Lending Ecosystem

Get access to the full Biz2Credit lending universe with Biz2X. Open up new lending channels and opportunities for customer engagement.


Biz2X runs on AWS as a native cloud solution. AWS’s highly reliable, secure infrastructure helps us deliver superior performance anywhere on the globe.
AWS Paetner

Biz2X is built on Amazon Web Services cloud architecture, and supported by development teams that operate from ISO 27001 certified offices. We maintain global IP’s on all the platform components. With 99.95% uptime you will never be closed for business.