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Run Your Entire Business Lending Operation From One Platform

Biz2X supports a wide range of credit and business banking solutions. The Platform has configurable modules for each kind of financing your institution offers to business clients. Read about the solutions that Biz2X supports below.


Business Finance Use Cases

If it has to do with lending to businesses, Biz2X has the ability to support your financial institution's needs with a configurable lending workflow and support for numerous financial products.

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Lending technology created by the premier online business lender

Biz2X is the leading digital lending platform, enabling financial providers to power growth with a modern omni-channel experience and best-in-class risk tools.


Get a demo: See Biz2X in action

Connect with a funding platform specialist for a customized demo of Biz2X for your bank or financial institution. Schedule one-on-one time, or bring your colleagues.

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