Biz2X first unveiled the Ascend Edition of its Biz2X Platform, at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. The new platform edition brings new business lending capabilities to banks.

LAS VEGAS, NV - This year at Money 20/20 we announced the new “Ascend” edition of our award-winning Biz2X Platform. The new edition brings even more capability to Biz2X’s business lending platform. The edition is now available to banks across the country who want to be more successful with their business lending programs.

The Ascend edition of Biz2X offers all the benefits of the latest technology that our product and technology teams have been developing. Key features we are highlighting in this edition include:

  • An improved platform interface for bankers with a smart dashboard that improves work efficiency;
  • A new generation of our machine-learning based risk scorecard;
  • Improved automated lending checklist and verification view mode for loan underwriters;
  • Access to an expanded network of third-party integrations to unlock even more lending insights.

Biz2X continues to support every step in the loan origination process with an omnichannel customer journey, and to enable unrivaled opportunity for configuration so lenders can control each aspect of their business credit workflows.

“We pride ourselves on challenging the status quo in digital lending with our technology,” said Rohit Arora, Co-Founder and CEO of Biz2X and Biz2Credit. “We developed Biz2X to take a user-centric approach that helps our clients improve loan processing efficiency and achieve greater success in business lending.”

Key Advantages of Biz2X Ascend:

  • Maximize and Digitize Data - Expand integration partners that can pull needed data
  • Flexibility and Configurability - Credit workflow, hierarchy, and access control to change settings
  • Decision Automation - Surfacing notifications, flags, and risk-based approvals
  • Ease of Use - Reducing training time, friction, unnecessary clicks, and displaying critical items

The launch of Ascend is a further step in our mission to help banks and other financial institutions succeed at business lending.

“In developing the new Ascend edition of Biz2X, we worked closely with our clients to understand the increasing demands of credit teams everywhere,” said Aaron Traub, Chief Product Officer at Biz2X and Biz2Credit. “We took a proactive approach to ensure that the re-designed Biz2X dashboard makes vital lending information accessible at a banker’s fingertips. In turn, Biz2X Ascend is helping our clients view key insights, and process loans even faster to meet client expectations in today’s digital-first market.”

"Biz2X is the platform chosen by business lenders to grow their lending volumes with confidence, thanks to the combined impact of the platform’s superior digital customer experience and enhanced risk management features," Arora added.

We will be holding a First Look webinar for bankers to reveal the new features of the Ascend platform edition. Sign up for a spot and we will let you know when we plan to hold this exclusive session.

About Biz2X
Biz2X is the platform chosen for business lending at banks and financial institutions around the world. Lenders choose the platform because they want to transform their lending practices digitally. Biz2X makes this possible through best-in-class technology.